Release Notes

This app is under active development. Almost all features come directly from coaches' feedback. We want your suggestions and feedback for how to improve it.

Please see our Support page to give us your feedback to steer development efforts.

Here are the release notes and summary of the latest features and enhancements for the Top Coach app.

What's New in 3.6.0

Airdrop support, multiple categories, Plan importing/exporting, Plan segment start times, and various interface updates.

    • Data Enhancements

      • Import/Export Boards and Plans via AirDrop, Email and other cloud document services.

      • Import/Export Plans bundled with associated Boards.

      • Assign multiple categories to Boards and Plans.

      • Add Date/Time to Plans for tracking start times of training segments. Preference to enable/disable.

    • Interface Updates

      • Updated look for iOS 7

      • Support transparency for custom images imported from the Photos picker.

      • Changed behavior of dragged Tiles so now more transparent with less scaling so easier to accurately place Tiles.

      • Reduced chance of accidentally raising iOS 7 Control Center when swiping to add new Tiles.

    • Fixes

      • Addressed potential crash when transitioning from Board->Plans when a Board has a Tile added to it.

What's New in 3.5.1

New Search Bar, Smart Categories, Templates, new fields, and new icons.

    • User Interface Improvements

      • New Search Bar for Plans and Boards.

      • New Smart Categories for Boards/Plans Lists.

      • Customizable Templates for Boards/Plans when pressing 'Add (+)' button. Fast creation of new Boards/Plans with common formations.

      • Per-field colors option for field and lines.

      • Quickstart Guide View to replace Help Board for summary of user interface

    • Exporting Improvements

      • Increased space around PDF text boxes.

    • New Fields

      • Lacrosse

      • Ice Hockey

    • New Icons

      • New disk colors

      • Hockey puck

What's New in 3.4.1

Minor fixes and UI enhancements.

    • Feature: In the Field Picker, add icons for each sport.

    • Fix: Restore previously viewed Plan when switching between Plans and Boards

    • Fix: Properly orient "up-facing" Icons created with version 3.3 and earlier.

    • Fix: Properly rotate new Icons dragged on the field with a default rotation.

What's New in 3.4.0

New Plan Categories, customized icon orientation, new icons, fixes, and user interface speedups.

    • Plan Categories

      • Organize Plans with Categories

      • Bulk Move and Delete Plans

    • User Interface

        • Auto-orient or manually rotate any Icon

        • Clear button to the Plan Title for easier renaming

        • Fast switching between Plan and Board views

    • New IWBF Icons

    • Fixes

      • Ignore secondary touches when drawing on Boards

      • Address potential crash when switching between Board and Plan views

      • Address occasional issue where last used Board or Plan was not shown when switching views

What's New in 3.3.0

New icons, easy backup/restore, improved PDF formatting, IWBF Basketball Court, Plan sorting options, and more.

    • New icons:

        • Player disks with orientation markers

        • Player squares

        • Player triangles

        • Number '0'

    • Enhanced Usability

        • Easy actions to backup and restore the Top Coach database directly in the App.

        • Added preference to sort Plans by Title or Date.

    • Improved PDF Formatting:

        • Revised Plan PDF format for better page space usage.

        • User-specified Club logo option for Plan PDFs.

    • Updated Courts/Fields

        • Adding IWBF Basketball court: Full, Half, and Key

        • Basketball: Tweaked the spacing of the hash marks around the lane.

    • Fixes

        • Fixed issue from recent iOS change that preventing importing Boards.

        • Fixed crash issue when "Cancel" button pressed when selecting a Board for a Plan

        • Adjust bounds for AppInfoView to allow full scrolling through all options.

What's New in 3.2.2

Improved stability and streamlined memory use.

    • Reduced storage footprint by optimizing Board thumbnail size.

    • Fixed memory leak when swapping between Board and Plan views.

    • Addressed crash when pressing 'i' button, change orientation, and pressing the 'i' button again.

What's New in 3.2.1

Fixed critical display issues for iPads running iOS 6.

    • Fixed issue preventing proper rotation/orientation on iOS 6.

    • Fixed issue preventing email export and other Plan View popup dialogs from being displayed on iOS 6.

    • Fixed Board View orientation issue seen if changing iPad orientation when emailing or previewing PDF.

What's New in 3.2.0

PDF export, custom field images, and region drawing.

    • Features

      • Export PDF instead of HTML files.

      • Adding circle, rectangle, and freeform region drawing

      • Added Custom Field image support

      • Added View/Export/Print Board image action

    • Interface

      • Consolidated drawing options to a single popup

      • Converted documentation to PDF from HTML

    • Performance

      • Improved app memory management.

      • Faster loading for Boards and Plans.

What's New in 3.1.0

UI and workflow enhancements. Various fixes.

    • Features

      • Move/Delete multiple Boards.

      • Adding "Details" arrow button to the Board List to allow one to immediately see Board details.

      • List number of Plans that reference a Board in the Board List.

      • Adding List of Plans to the Board Details View

    • Fixes

      • Fixed issue where Category, Section, and default Section name could be cleared if have 20+ items.

      • Store Category changes after each action in the Category View.

      • Update list of Categories in Category View when rename/add/delete/select action performed.

      • Do not combine categories that share the same name in the Board List.

      • Prevent accidental clearing of certain Views when low on memory.

      • Properly adjust width for Board List when picked from the Plan View.

      • When deleting a Board, update Plans that referenced that Board.

What's New in 3.0.1

    • Fix: Handled potential crash issue when displaying the List of Tactical Boards.

What's New in 3.0.0

Additional sports! New multi-sport App icon. Retina display support.

    • Sports and Field Views. More on request.

        • American Football: Full, Half, Center

        • Basketball: Full, Half, Key

        • Field Hockey: Full, Half, Striking Circle

        • Futsal: Full, Half

        • Soccer/Football: Full, Half, Third, Blank

        • Volleyball: Full, Half

    • Features

        • New fields and views for additional sports: American Football, Basketball, Field Hockey, and Volleyball. More on request.

        • New App Icon showing multiple sports.

        • Crisper icon label text on retina display

        • All new high-res icons for retina display

        • Optimize field size and centering of fields for both portrait and landscape

        • Added scrollable list grouped by sport for selecting the Field.

        • Adding new sport-specific ball icons: American football, basketball, volleyball, field hockey.

        • Replace default stretching of the field to fill the screen with the 'Field Stretch to Fill' Preference. Default is no stretching.

    • Fixes

        • Remember/restore last accessed Play and Plan in user Preferences.

        • Add Cancel option when adding a Custom Icon.

        • Automatically show Photo Library if there is no Camera option when picking images.

        • Do not copy the Boards or Categories when making a copy of a Plan.

        • Handle importing Board .topcoach files with multi-line icon labels.

        • Correct futsal 5m goal line mark position

    • Changes

        • Updated documentation and adding screenshots and images.

        • Increase spacing for Play Details for Disclosure Arrows.

        • Replace 'New Board' option text with 'New Empty Board' and 'Copy Current Board'

        • For New Empty Board, copy the category and the current field.

        • Renaming "Plays" to "Boards" in Category View to conform with other names.

What's New in 2.3.0

New spotlight mode, intuitive icon adjustments, and streamlined popup displays.

    • New Modes

        • New Spotlight Mode to focus attention on specific areas. Touch to move and pinch to resize the spotlight circle.

    • User Interface Enhancements

        • Use pinch and rotate gestures to resize and rotate Icons on the field.

        • Standardize on popover display for Board and Icon information.

        • Added drawing mode choicebar for draw, erase, and spotlight, modes.

    • Fixes

        • Addressed issue where double-tapping large icons may slightly move them

What's New in 2.2.0

New fields, icon customizations, and improved formatting options.

    • New Fields

        • Added futsal full and half fields

    • New Icons, Customizable Icons, and Icon Preferences

        • Added 6 new player icon colors to the Icon Bar.

        • Added 4 new cone icon colors to the Icon Bar.

        • New ability to add, reorder, and adjust icon to drag on the fields. Double-tap on an Icon in the Icon Bar.

        • New ability to change image for an icon on the field. Tap on the image in the Icon Details dialog.

        • New ability for user to specify new images for icons via library or camera

        • Preference to Hide/Show specified Icons in the Icon Bar

        • Change "unknown image" icon

    • New Font and Report Preferences

        • Adjustable font size for reports

        • Adjustable font size for over-icon label and side description label

        • Preference for image width for Plan report

    • UI Tweaks

        • Snap scale and rotation sliders for easier adjustment of Icons

        • Add scale and rotate fields to the table of Icons on the field

        • Default scale adjusted for some icons. Goal set to 1.5. Sticky Note set to 0.5.

        • Added 'swipe' delete option for Icon List View found under the Board Details View.

        • Switched default toggle to show all Icons in the Icon List View instead of just the Player Icons.

    • Fixes

        • Properly reload and orient Board View after freeing device memory for Plan View. Fixes the occasional unexpected black field.

        • Set Icon side text color properly to the line color preference when added to the field.

        • Store off thumbnail image of current Board when switching to the Plan view.

What's New in 2.1.1

Minor tweaks and fixes.

    • Feature: Added preference to display title directly on the field view and image

    • Fix: Addressed 2.0 issue where Icons would not be removed from the field if dragged off to the right in iPad landscape orientation.

    • Fix: Properly orient text in Board landscape view for reports and printing.

What's New in 2.1.0

    • Real distance snapping aligned with field lines, every 3 yards lengthwise, and 2 yards width-wise. This allows alignment with all major field lines and grass color sections.

    • Plan report format compressed and streamlined for printing/emailing. Added preference for orientation of Board images.

    • Raise/Lower Icon Box to show all available icons.

    • Added number icons 1-9 as icons.

    • Adding back Notes to the regular Board email.

    • Added sliders for rotate and scale of icons.

    • Allowing import/export via iTunes of the Top Coach board/plan database. See inline documentation.

    • Added embedded Release Notes under App Info section.

    • Adding Facebook and Twitter links in the App Info section.

    • Fix: Fixed scrolling of views when keyboard is raised.

What's New in 2.0.0:

**MAJOR UPDATE** Many new features! You have asked for them! Here they are!

    • Added Training Plans to organize Boards. Create your daily training plan directly on the iPad.

      • Combine Boards into Training Plans

      • Organize Boards into Sections

      • Add notes and an associated date for each Plan

      • Add duration and rep times for each Board

      • Add additional notes to Boards in the Plan

      • Tap to view each Board fullscreen

      • Display report, print, and export to doc Apps like DropBox

    • New Sharing and Reporting Features

      • Display a report for Plans and Boards for emailing, sharing, printing, or exporting.

      • Displayed report can be shared with doc Apps like DropBox

      • Email contains self-contained html report (including images) of the Board and Plan

      • Preference to use white background when printing (to conserve on ink).

    • Added Features with User Preferences

      • Specify field and field line colors

      • Display Board and Plan reports using a white field background (to save ink when printing)

      • Grid Snap for positioning Icons on Boards. Have everything line up!

      • Default Sections to use for Plans

    • User Interface Streamlining and Enhancements

      • Browse Board List now sorted in Category folders

      • Streamlined line color picking with popup and more color choices

      • Single toggle buttons to switch between line drawing modes and arrows.

      • Freeing up space on the top bar by removing the Up/Down arrows. Board Browser popup is now the preferred interface.

      • Icon and Board info pages now scrollable and not hidden by keyboard in Landscape orientation

    • Board Features

      • Added Icon Details list view to browse and edit Icons on a Board without needing to double-tap on the Icons.

      • New Icon: Training hoop

      • Added grass shade columns to the fields

    • General Improvements

      • Added in-App Documentation. See App Info ('?' button) under Documentation.

      • Renamed 'Tile' to 'Icon' as a more descriptive term of the Board icons.

    • Fixes:

      • Fixed duplicate Category issue when copying a Board

      • Icon Details view will no longer cover edited field when iPad is in landscape orientation.

      • Center field in Landscape Orientation

What's New in 1.4.0:

    • Added Eraser Mode: erase individual lines

    • Adjusted button visuals on mode change

What's New in 1.3.0:

    • Import/export play files, send them via email

    • Added .png extension on the emailed play image

    • Refined email text

    • Added notes field to Tiles

    • Sharpened and refined field lines

    • Immediately change whiteboard when play selected in PlayList

    • Highlight selected play when initially showing PlayList

    • Fixed crash when deleting plays from PlayList

What's New in 1.2.0:

    • Added straight line option

    • Added arrow line option

    • Added button for quick feedback and documentation access

    • Fixed Tile details to remember edits after Category selected

What's New in 1.1.0:

    • Enhanced Tile rotation and scaling

    • Added hi-res images for Tiles

    • Depict both "up-facing" and "rotatable" (ladder/goal) Tiles

    • Improved look for "goal" Tile

    • Fixed text layout and text positioning of rotated Tiles

    • Handled misc fixes for rotation and scaling