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Top Coach 3.2.1 released on the App Store

posted Dec 18, 2012, 10:38 PM by Scot Brew
PDF export, custom field images, region drawing, and iOS 6 fixes.
  • Features
    • Export PDF instead of HTML files.
    • Adding circle, rectangle, and freeform region drawing
    • Added Custom Field image support
    • Added View/Export/Print Board image action
  • Interface
    • Consolidated drawing options to a single popup
    • Converted documentation to PDF from HTML
  • Performance
    • Improved app memory management.
    • Faster loading for Boards and Plans.
  • iOS 6 Fixes
    • Fixed issue preventing proper rotation/orientation on iOS 6.
    • Fixed issue preventing email export and other Plan View popup dialogs from being displayed on iOS 6.
    • Fixed Board View orientation issue seen if changing iPad orientation when emailing or previewing PDF.