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Top Coach 3.0 released on the App Store

posted Sep 16, 2012, 10:12 PM by Scot Brew

Additional sports! New multi-sport App icon. Retina display support.

  • Sports and Field Views. More on request.
    • American Football: Full, Half, Center
    • Basketball: Full, Half, Key
    • Field Hockey: Full, Half, Striking Circle
    • Futsal: Full, Half
    • Soccer/Football: Full, Half, Third, Blank
    • Volleyball: Full, Half
  • Features
    • New fields and views for additional sports: American Football, Basketball, Field Hockey, and Volleyball. More on request.
    • New App Icon showing multiple sports.
    • Crisper icon label text on retina display
    • All new high-res icons for retina display
    • Optimize field size and centering of fields for both portrait and landscape
    • Added scrollable list grouped by sport for selecting the Field.
    • Adding new sport-specific ball icons: American football, basketball, volleyball, field hockey.
    • Replace default stretching of the field to fill the screen with the 'Field Stretch to Fill' Preference. Default is no stretching.
  • Fixes
    • Remember/restore last accessed Play and Plan in user Preferences.
    • Add Cancel option when adding a Custom Icon.
    • Automatically show Photo Library if there is no Camera option when picking images.
    • Do not copy the Boards or Categories when making a copy of a Plan.
    • Handle importing Board .topcoach files with multi-line icon labels.
    • Correct futsal 5m goal line mark position
  • Changes
    • Updated documentation and adding screenshots and images.
    • Increase spacing for Play Details for Disclosure Arrows.
    • Replace 'New Board' option text with 'New Empty Board' and 'Copy Current Board'
    • For New Empty Board, copy the category and the current field.
    • Renaming "Plays" to "Boards" in Category View to conform with other names.