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Top Coach 2.2 released on the App Store

posted Jun 13, 2012, 9:35 PM by Scot Brew   [ updated Jun 13, 2012, 9:36 PM ]
New fields, icon customizations, and improved formatting options.
  • New Fields
    • Added futsal full and half fields
  • New Icons, Customizable Icons, and Icon Preferences
    • Added 6 new player icon colors to the Icon Bar.
    • Added 4 new cone icon colors to the Icon Bar.
    • New ability to add, reorder, and adjust icon to drag on the fields. Double-tap on an Icon in the Icon Bar.
    • New ability to change image for an icon on the field. Tap on the image in the Icon Details dialog.
    • New ability for user to specify new images for icons via library or camera
    • Preference to Hide/Show specified Icons in the Icon Bar
    • Change "unknown image" icon
  • New Font and Report Preferences
    • Adjustable font size for reports
    • Adjustable font size for over-icon label and side description label
    • Preference for image width for Plan report
  • UI Tweaks
    • Snap scale and rotation sliders for easier adjustment of Icons
    • Add scale and rotate fields to the table of Icons on the field
    • Default scale adjusted for some icons. Goal set to 1.5. Sticky Note set to 0.5.
    • Added 'swipe' delete option for Icon List View found under the Board Details View.
    • Switched default toggle to show all Icons in the Icon List View instead of just the Player Icons.
  • Fixes
    • Properly reload and orient Board View after freeing device memory for Plan View. Fixes the occasional unexpected black field.
    • Set Icon side text color properly to the line color preference when added to the field.
    • Store off thumbnail image of current Board when switching to the Plan view.