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Top Coach 2.0 released on the App Store

posted Mar 12, 2012, 7:59 AM by Scot Brew   [ updated Mar 18, 2012, 1:17 PM ]
Many new features! You have asked for them! Here they are!
  • Added Training Plans to organize Boards. Create your daily training plan directly on the iPad.
    • Combine Boards into Training Plans
    • Organize Boards into Sections
    • Add notes and an associated date for each Plan
    • Add duration and rep times for each Board
    • Add additional notes to Boards in the Plan
    • Tap to view each Board fullscreen
    • Display report, print, and export to doc Apps like DropBox
  • New Sharing and Reporting Features
    • Display a report for Plans and Boards for emailing, sharing, printing, or exporting.
    • Displayed report can be shared with doc Apps like DropBox
    • Email contains self-contained html report (including images) of the Board and Plan
    • Preference to use white background when printing (to conserve on ink).
  • Added Features with User Preferences
    • Specify field and field line colors
    • Display Board and Plan reports using a white field background (to save ink when printing)
    • Grid Snap for positioning Icons on Boards.  Have everything line up!
    • Default Sections to use for Plans
  • User Interface Streamlining and Enhancements
    • Browse Board List now sorted in Category folders
    • Streamlined line color picking with popup and more color choices
    • Single toggle buttons to switch between line drawing modes and arrows.
    • Freeing up space on the top bar by removing the Up/Down arrows.  Board Browser popup is now the preferred interface.
    • Icon and Board info pages now scrollable and not hidden by keyboard in Landscape orientation
  • Board Features
    • Added Icon Details list view to browse and edit Icons on a Board without needing to double-tap on the Icons.
    • New Icon: Training hoop
    • Added grass shade columns to the fields
  • General Improvements  
    • Added in-App Documentation.  See App Info ('?' button) under Documentation.
    • Renamed 'Tile' to 'Icon' as a more descriptive term of the Board icons.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed duplicate Category issue when copying a Board
    • Icon Details view will no longer cover edited field when iPad is in landscape orientation.
    • Center field in Landscape Orientation

Scot Brew,
Mar 12, 2012, 8:02 AM