Top Coach 3.6.2 released

posted Aug 25, 2014, 11:52 PM by Scot Brew

Handle iOS 7 issues.
  • Fix: Properly draw circles in various fields/courts on 64-bit iPads running iOS 7.
  • Fix: Address issue preventing drawing of lines for existing Boards on 64-bit iPads running iOS 7.
  • Fix: Address issue introduced in iOS7 that could cause invalid backups.
  • Feature: Automatically backup database before any database version update.
  • Feature: Provide list of recovery options if invalid database detected on startup.

Top Coach 3.6.1 released

posted Aug 25, 2014, 11:51 PM by Scot Brew

Data backup enhancements.
  • Automatic database backup when the app is updated. Stores backups for previous 2 updates.
  • Added reminder for database backup. Settable as a preference (default is 30 days).
  • Fix: Set a minimum radius for the spotlight/highlighter so it will not disappear.

Top Coach 3.6.0 released

posted Aug 6, 2014, 10:44 PM by Scot Brew

Airdrop support, multiple categories, Plan importing/exporting, Plan segment start times, and various interface updates.
  • Data Enhancements
    • Import/Export Boards and Plans via AirDrop, Email and other cloud document services.
    • Import/Export Plans bundled with associated Boards.
    • Assign multiple categories to Boards and Plans.
    • Add Date/Time to Plans for tracking start times of training segments. Preference to enable/disable.
  • Interface Updates
    • Updated look for iOS 7
    • Support transparency for custom images imported from the Photos picker.
    • Changed behavior of dragged Tiles so now more transparent with less scaling so easier to accurately place Tiles.
    • Reduced chance of accidentally raising iOS 7 Control Center when swiping to add new Tiles.
  • Fixes
    • Addressed potential crash when transitioning from Board->Plans when a Board has a Tile added to it.

Top Coach 3.5.1 released

posted Sep 11, 2013, 9:41 PM by Scot Brew

Top Coach 3.5.1 has been released on the App Store.  It includes a Search Bar, Smart Categories, Templates, new fields, new icons, and more.

User Interface Improvements 
* New Search Bar for Plans and Boards. 
* New Smart Categories for Boards/Plans Lists. 
* Quickly add new Boards/Plans with Customizable Templates 
* Per-field colors option for field and lines. 
* Quickstart Guide View replaces Help Board for UI summary 

Exporting Improvements 
* Increased space around PDF text boxes. 

New Fields 
* Lacrosse 
* Ice Hockey 

New Icons 
* New disk colors 
* Hockey puck

Top Coach 3.4.1 released

posted May 22, 2013, 7:51 AM by Scot Brew

Top Coach 3.4.1 has been released on the App Store.  Here's a description of the additions to this version.

Minor fixes and UI enhancements.
  • Feature: In the Field Picker, add icons for each sport.
  • Fix: Restore previously viewed Plan when switching between Plans and Boards
  • Fix: Properly orient "up-facing" Icons created with version 3.3 and earlier.
  • Fix: Properly rotate new Icons dragged on the field with a default rotation.

Top Coach 3.4 released

posted May 13, 2013, 8:02 PM by Scot Brew

Top Coach 3.4.0 has been released on the App Store.  Here's a description of the additions to this version.

New Plan Categories, customized icon orientation, new icons, fixes, and user interface speedups.
  • Plan Categories
    • Organize Plans with Categories
    • Bulk Move and Delete Plans
  • User Interface
    • Auto-orient or manually rotate any Icon
    • Clear button to the Plan Title for easier renaming
    • Fast switching between Plan and Board views
  • New IWBF Icons
  • Fixes
    • Ignore secondary touches when drawing on Boards
    • Address potential crash when switching between Board and Plan views
    • Address occasional issue where last used Board or Plan was not shown when switching views

Top Coach 3.3.0 released

posted Mar 25, 2013, 8:06 PM by Scot Brew

Top Coach 3.3.0 has been released on the App Store.  Here's a description of the additions to this version.

New icons, easy backup/restore, improved PDF formatting, IWBF Basketball Court, Plan sorting options, and more.
  • New icons:
    • Player disks with orientation markers
    • Player squares
    • Player triangles
    • Number '0'
  • Enhanced Usability
    • Easy actions to backup and restore the Top Coach database directly in the App.
    • Added preference to sort Plans by Title or Date.
  • Improved PDF Formatting:
    • Revised Plan PDF format for better page space usage.
    • User-specified Club logo option for Plan PDFs.
  • Updated Courts/Fields
    • Adding IWBF Basketball court: Full, Half, and Key
    • Basketball: Tweaked the spacing of the hash marks around the lane.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue from recent iOS change that preventing importing Boards.
    • Fixed crash issue when "Cancel" button pressed when selecting a Board for a Plan
    • Adjust bounds for AppInfoView to allow full scrolling through all options.

Top Coach 3.2.2 released

posted Feb 2, 2013, 1:17 PM by Scot Brew

Top Coach 3.2.2 has been released on the App Store.  Here's a description of the additions to this version.

Improved stability and streamlined memory use.
  • Reduced storage footprint by optimizing Board thumbnail size.
  • Fixed memory leak when swapping between Board and Plan views.
  • Addressed crash when pressing 'i' button, change orientation, and pressing the 'i' button again.

Top Coach 3.2.1 released on the App Store

posted Dec 18, 2012, 10:38 PM by Scot Brew

PDF export, custom field images, region drawing, and iOS 6 fixes.
  • Features
    • Export PDF instead of HTML files.
    • Adding circle, rectangle, and freeform region drawing
    • Added Custom Field image support
    • Added View/Export/Print Board image action
  • Interface
    • Consolidated drawing options to a single popup
    • Converted documentation to PDF from HTML
  • Performance
    • Improved app memory management.
    • Faster loading for Boards and Plans.
  • iOS 6 Fixes
    • Fixed issue preventing proper rotation/orientation on iOS 6.
    • Fixed issue preventing email export and other Plan View popup dialogs from being displayed on iOS 6.
    • Fixed Board View orientation issue seen if changing iPad orientation when emailing or previewing PDF.

Top Coach 3.1 released on the App Store

posted Oct 24, 2012, 8:54 AM by Scot Brew

UI and workflow enhancements. Various fixes.
  • Features
    • Move/Delete multiple Boards.
    • Adding "Details" arrow button to the Board List to allow one to immediately see Board details.
    • List number of Plans that reference a Board in the Board List.
    • Adding List of Plans to the Board Details View
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue where Category, Section, and default Section name could be cleared if have 20+ items.
    • Store Category changes after each action in the Category View.
    • Update list of Categories in Category View when rename/add/delete/select action performed.
    • Do not combine categories that share the same name in the Board List.
    • Prevent accidental clearing of certain Views when low on memory.
    • Properly adjust width for Board List when picked from the Plan View.
    • When deleting a Board, update Plans that referenced that Board.

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